All Hail The Storyboard Artist! by DeMane Davis

That, now in this day and age of Photoshop and InDesign, rare bird who lives their life hunched over a drafting table with numerous markers and pencils of varying types that you never knew existed. When I was at Hill, Holliday, those artists were always asked to put aside their urgent work and "whip up" a caricature for employee's birthday cards that the studio would later put together on foam core. I still have my card. It was illustrated by Paul Balmer who back then and is currently a fine artist of high regard. Unfortunately it looks nothing like me.

What Goes On Here?! by DeMane Davis

Oh Hay!
Just a quick note to say Hi and thanks very much for taking a look around!
I should mention that all the photographs on my site were taken by me (unless otherwise mentioned.) Most can be found on my Grams. This one isn't. It's old.
OH maybe that's what I'll put here en el futuro. Stuff from the way back when.
Yeah that could be fun.